Новая редакция политической программы «Народовластие» на английском языке


Новая редакция политической программы «Народовластие» на английском языке

The program of the movement «DEMOCRACY» of Russia was adopted on 09.01.2023.
We, the representatives of the democracy movement, listed by the Russian Federation in the lists of international terrorist organizations under number 35, bring to the attention of the people of Russia our political program.

The national idea of Russia is direct democracy.
Our tasks
To save Russia from imminent death, and the people from extermination.
To start an all-Russian nationwide uprising against the Putin regime and accomplish a people’s revolution in Russia.
Immediately remove Putin and his gang from power and court-martial them.
Immediately stop all the wars that the Putin regime has unleashed.
To establish direct democracy in Russia. For a transitional period of 5 years, a dictatorship is assumed.
To make the state the property of the people, and not vice versa. Prohibit the state from owning property. The whole earth, its bowels, everything material is public property.
Transfer ownership of the national wealth of Russia to every citizen of the country.

Note: the concept of «citizenship» includes two dependent elements. This is the concept of the state as an object of property that has such features as the unity of the territory (the territory belongs to the citizen, the state only disposes of it with the permission of the citizen), legislative activity, sovereignty, public authority, political will and tools or the ability to implement it.
This is also the concept of a citizen as a subject of property,  having the tights and obligations declared by law, forming the political will of the state through participation in referendums, elections, people’s supervision, legislative, administrative,  executive and judicial activities, using a platform for direct, universal and open expression of will.
A citizen has the right to:
-elect and be elected;
-occupy positions at the decision- making level;
— the right to keep and carry weapons;
-the right to a share in the national wealth.

To achieve the goal
At the stage of the underground struggle, we created partisan groups that carry out work that harms the Putin regime.
We will expand and multiply the partisan movement.
At the stage of the uprising, executive committees subordinate to the people should be elected by direct vote for direct leadership on the ground.
To protect the people and repel the actions of the counter-revolution, create a people’s militia — the National Guard, the people’s militia.

In order to fight the counter-revolution and conduct a thorough investigation of the crimes of the Putin gang, it is necessary to Arrest representatives of state authorities and special services without additional charges for up to six months.
Arrest the entire composition of the Constitutional Court, including those who resigned. If during this time they do not prove their innocence, then choose a preventive measure for them for a period of 5 years in prison. If their guilt is proved, the punishment will be applied in accordance with it. The presumption of innocence is replaced by the presumption of guilt.

Criteria of guilt:
-support of the regime by real action, including all representatives of the FSB, FSO, PMC (Private military company), judges, bailiffs, prosecutors and everyone who consciously created and participated in the digital GULAG project, as well as the surveillance system (the list will be supplemented).
-extracting benefits from working for a regime that has caused damage to the people. The profit of these accomplices was extracted from what belongs to the people and was supposed to go to their benefit. This includes all Putin’s oligarchs, businessmen, officials, civil servants, etc.
-assistance to the regime. (All propagandists, ideologists, activists and informers, as well as everyone who forced subordinates to support the regime).
-beneficiaries from the persons listed above. An exception will be made by everyone who will actively resist the regime and prove it, as well as voluntarily return the loot, if there was such a thing.

Close the borders for at least 40 days. Create a Tribunal. The sentences will be approved publicly on a special Internet platform.
To court-martial persons involved in the seizure of power in Russia, the genocide of the peoples of Russia, the plunder of national wealth and the long-term violation of the Constitution, the unleashing of wars of conquest and war crimes, as well as crimes against peace and humanity, including accomplices of these persons.
Prohibit the activities of special services on the territory of Russia and conduct a thorough investigation of their actions, recognize them as criminal organizations and roughly punish the perpetrators. Ban the activities of Putin’s media with the immediate arrest of leaders and propagandists.
To recognize the activities of the ROC (Russian Orthodox Church) as propaganda, cooperating with the criminal Putin regime, with the subsequent arrest and lustration of leaders, as well as the most ardent representatives.

Declassify and publish all documents from all archives.
Declassify and publish lists of all full-time and freelance agents of the special services, as well as those who voluntarily cooperated with them.
Introduce a ban on state secrets and secrecy. Cancel the protection of personal data of individuals.
Recognize the right of the people to revolt in order to prevent attempts to seize power from them.
Introduce punishment for attempting to change the laws and structures of the people’s state in favor of any individual or legal entity, for infringing on the rights and freedoms of citizens with immediate prosecution of the perpetrators, up to capital punishment.
Any citizen has the right to carry out the sentence.

The Path of Russia’s Revival
The immediate cessation of all aggressive wars unleashed by the Putin regime. Recall of all military personnel and PMC (Private military company) from abroad.
Lustration and defeat in the rights of Putin’s criminals, as well as their family members. Putin’s awards should be considered as aggravating.
The loss of rights includes:
-deprivation of the right to vote and be elected;
-prohibition to hold a position at the decision-making level;
-deprivation of the right to keep and carry weapons;
-deprivation of the right to a share in the national wealth.

Confiscation of loot by corrupt officials.
The creation of a system for the prosecution of Putin’s criminals around the world and their return to Russia for trial. All the crimes of the Putin regime should be recognized as having no statute of limitations. In this regard, to resume investigations in all cases concerning those persons who are involved in the crimes of the Putin regime.
Nationalization of property stolen from the people and all national wealth.
To determine the circle of foreign citizens who participated in collusion with criminals of the regime and had a share in the robbery of Russia. To establish the total amount of damage inflicted on Russia by these persons. Provide evidence of their guilt by the State of which they are citizens, and issue an invoice in the amount of the damage caused, taking into account the percentage of profit that could have been received from these funds, whether they were placed in public trust funds.

Revision of the results of criminal privatization, restitution, full compensation for losses received by the people as a result of the illegal enrichment of the Yeltsin-Putin gang.
At the stage of the revolution, to recognize as null and void all international agreements concluded by the Putin regime, especially concerning the sale, leasing of land from enterprises (for example, to China).
Release from prison of all illegally convicted and detained prisoners.
Separation of religious organizations from the State and freedom of religion. A religious organization cannot impose its policy on State institutions. If religious organizations make a profit through their activities, a tax is imposed on it to the local government.

We want
To reset all debts, that is, to conduct a full economic amnesty for individuals and legal entities. From now on, usury is prohibited.
To forgive debtors all alimony debts and pay them at the expense of the budget. To shift the payment of these debts and current payments to the state.
Provide housing to those in need at the expense of confiscated housing.
Distribute confiscated real estate and transport objects on public and open Internet sites. Actively use a free and win-win lottery to distribute confiscated property to the property of the participants of the Revolution and citizens in need.
Transfer to the people property confiscated premises, buildings (palaces) for recreation, creative development (clubs, sports sections), as well as for health and rehabilitation sanatoriums and boarding houses.

All property at the time of the Revolution, that belonged to people (with the exception of Putin’s criminals) will be retained by them.
Legislatively assign to each citizen his share in the national wealth. All state property should henceforth be considered people’s property, having established the share of each citizen in it. A citizen may be deprived in whole or in part of his share in the national wealth solely for criminal acts related to the betrayal of national and national interests by a court verdict.

The share of property is inalienable, given for life, can be withdrawn only by the court and only for crimes against the people. In some cases, it can be inherited.

Register the domain «Russia». Create the Republic platform on this domain, on which all persons residing in Russia will be registered. Assign each person a unique ID with the binding of data about his identity. Create a hub (bank) where funds will be accumulated and distributed by ID. Create a platform for discussing initiatives and voting on this domain.
All natural resources are people’s property with the personal possession of all citizens.

To nationalize communications, TV and Internet companies. To assign a specific share of ownership in these companies to each citizen of Russia.
To organize throughout the country and for all citizens free stable communication and free high-speed Internet, free television with a proportional share of everyone’s property.
Abolish the land and property tax for individuals, as well as the transport tax.
Gratuitously transfer unused (and confiscated) agricultural land plots for personal use to an agricultural producer indefinitely.
Introduce subsidizing of agricultural production on subsidiary plots.

Allow the sale of all agricultural products without taxes and fees in any convenient places.
Increase pensions and benefits, including unemployment benefits, public sector salaries (due to the confiscation of stolen national wealth). The state will take a course to permanently reduce the employment of people in harmful, heavy and conveyor industries, and the widespread replacement of workers with industrial robots.
Introduce a minimum guaranteed income for all citizens, including children.
Transfer cases on pension and other funds to the Tribunal. Robbers should be tried in a Tribunal, and capital punishment should be applied to particularly malicious ones.
From now on, pension payments, financing of medicine, education and burials should be made only from the budget.
To reduce the retirement age for men to 55 years, for women to 50 years and to set the dates of further reduction by law. Allow you to work even after reaching retirement age without deducting any deductions.

Create modern free medicine. To provide all children with medical care in full without limits up to foreign treatment.
Provide the population with all modern medicines for free. Medicines within the framework of free medicine should be free, that is, those prescribed by a doctor for treatment.
Accompanying dietary supplements will be paid. Provide medical inpatient and outpatient medical institutions with all modern diagnostic, therapeutic and auxiliary equipment free of charge.
To make medicine, education and construction priority sectors for the development of the country.
To create the latest system of virtual education and advanced science with the involvement of the world’s best specialists.
Organize free public transport.
Legislatively create conditions for healthy competition and free trade.
Create conditions for attracting foreign specialists to work in all sectors for the country’s recovery. Create conditions for the return of compatriots to their homeland.

Next steps:
To introduce electronic money in order to prevent corruption and other mercenary crimes.
Transfer most of the state powers to the regions and local self-government, carry out decentralization.
To establish an electoral system for regional and city judges, heads of local police, all heads of local self-government. Limit the tenure of elective positions to one term of 5 years without the right to re-election or electability, both of the position held and of other positions.
Adopt a Constitutional law on the truth and Openness of Officials at All levels.
Immediately dismiss officials for lying related to the performance of official duties.

We recognize only complete openness and the absence of secrets and secrecy, both in domestic politics and in foreign policy, since foreign policy is relations between peoples, not between their representatives.

Open work of public authorities and local self-government with online broadcasting of everything that happens in all offices of institutions and the placement of all working documents of any body on publicly accessible Internet resources.
For an applicant for a public position and working in such a position, psychiatric examination and psychological testing, including a lie detector, regular open narcological and psychiatric examination, periodic unscheduled drug tests are mandatory.
Adopt the «law on the responsibility of the authorities», which establishes the financial responsibility of officials for the decisions taken.
Creating a legislative, informational and financial system in which the transition to direct democracy in Russia will become irreversible.

The creation of a Constitution and a new system of legislation in which:
-the only bearer of sovereignty and supreme powers, that is, the highest legislative, executive and judicial body, is the armed people. Also, the people themselves exercise supreme supervision over compliance with the Constitution and the laws of the country.
— any official is vested with power only by the people and may be deprived of power prematurely at any time and for any reason by the will of the people or automatically upon the occurrence of the conditions listed in the Constitution.
— the main source of information and official media is also the people. Freedom of speech and the right to express one’s thoughts openly and everywhere cannot be restricted by anyone, in anything and anywhere. Laws that take away or restrict the basic rights of the entire people: to receive a share in the national wealth, the right to weapons, freedom of speech, and authority are not allowed to be considered. Any citizen can put the question to the vote on the removal of an elected person from office with the opportunity to consider each complaint on its merits.
-provide for a fine for an unsubstantiated complaint.
— all laws should be simple, clear and unambiguously interpreted.
-it is not allowed to adopt laws implying other than an unambiguous interpretation.

We need to
To establish direct democracy in Russia, that is, direct government of the people by our state.
To create an independent electronic system for continuous national referendum and local self-government.
To protect the rule of the people, to provide the people with the free possession of weapons.
Adopt a military doctrine in which China will be designated as the most likely and potential opponent of Russia. Create a system of international treaties to protect against possible Chinese aggression.
To introduce a strict visa regime with the countries of Central Asia and China. Open borders for citizens and the movement of goods with the countries of Europe, the USA, Japan, Australia and other developed countries.
Create a modern robotic volunteer army: contract and reserve.
Create a supervised and accountable people’s militia.

We stand for the unconditional right of nations to self-determination and are ready to ensure this right to all peoples in Russia!
We have come to take away and divide!
To take away power and material resources from criminals who have robbed the peoples of Russia, and to divide it among all citizens of Russia openly and honestly!
The future of all mankind looks like this: either cyber-wiping, or cyber-democracy. The third is not given!
All power to the people!

Chairman of the National Committee for the fight against Putin       V.V. Maltsev



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