Присяга (на английском языке)


Присяга (на английском языке)

I, Vyacheslav Maltsev, being in my right mind and firm memory, confirm that I understand the text and meaning of the oath that I take, that I had enough time to think about my decision, and I am ready to take this oath without a shadow of a doubt.

I realize that only the people, and therefore, including me, are the authorities governing any state. The state belongs entirely to us and to me in particular, we are its co-owners, and our country, our Homeland, is our common property, transferred to us for temporary use by our ancestors, so that we, in turn, leave it to our descendants in a better condition than we accepted.

I, Vyacheslav Maltsev, solemnly SWEAR:

1. to be faithful to the ideas of direct democracy, to promote and fight for their triumph, to work for their implementation, to protect and develop our community, to help our comrades and attract new associates to our ranks.

2. always support the revolutionary form of struggle against all kinds of tyranny, protect the natural rights and freedoms of people and rely in their activities on the current program of democracy and its indestructible principles.

3. selflessly and honestly serve our community of free and independent people, using all their talents and abilities to the fullest.

4. never transfer to anyone my share of the citizen in the people’s power and the right of ownership of the state and my country.

5. always think with your own head, have your own independent opinion and express it, even if it disagrees with the opinion of the majority!

6. always participate in all the affairs of our community, the processes of government and undertake to seek truth and justice. I am ready to defend these principles in all areas of our life, taking a deliberate approach to resolving any conflicts.

7. in word and deed, always be in the center of events, not strive for bloodshed, but, if this cannot be avoided, in any battle, fight fiercely in the front ranks.

8. to support any actions indisputably and unambiguously aimed at improving and prolonging human life, population growth, its education, protection of nature and the environment.

9. Regardless of the actions of the rest of my comrades, follow my oath to the end.

10. Here you can add a few words from the heart personally from everyone (optional).

I am aware that betrayal will entail grave consequences for our entire community, therefore, in case of violation of this oath, I am ready to suffer the most severe punishment.

Our will is our WILL!
Death to tyrants!
Power to the people!
So be it!


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